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Foot Domination - Lee Price Vs. Phil Box Cover
Stars: ,
Approximate Running Time: 00:33:28
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    Lee knows her legs are beautiful yet powerful. When Phil enters the room they seem to develop a mind of their own! Poor Phil spends this entire video on the floor subjected to a humiliating round of toe sucking before she tramples his entire torso. He's quickly reduced to a quivering, moaning and pathetic figure, felled by a dynamite set of feet. Lee begins by covering Phil's face. He gets to suck her toes till she decides to slap him with the side of her foot. Lee is unpredictable. One moment her touch is soft then she turn tyrant. Phil is helpless as he takes it and wants more. Lee likes to work on Phil's stomach. She digs in her heel, then her tow, then walks on him. Her foot wanders below his waist where it fondles his mound and moves up his crotch. She turns him over and walks on his back then stands on his derriere. Toward the end she sits on his face and locks him into a head scissors where he takes the pressure while looking at her backside.
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    Cast & Stars: Foot Domination - Lee Price Vs. Phil

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