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Too Much Woman - Bunny Vs. Susan Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:33:02
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    Beautiful, blonde, Bunny Glamazon, 6'3”, 190 lbs., surely without a peer, takes apart lovely Susan Smith in what amount to a total annihilation. Susan is strong, and talented in her own right, but is totally overpowered by the sensational Amazon who is dominant physically, verbally, and in every other way as she goes on the attack.

    To her credit, Susan gives it all she's got, but painful, inescapable holds leave her in a state of severe distress, as the much smaller actually fears for her life as Bunny's humongous tits engulf and nearly smother the life out of her. Bunny Glamazon is simply too big, too strong, and too dominant as she is determined to prove this, as her huge, powerful thighs crush Susan's body and head, and her big, powerful shapely ass surrounds and crushes her victim's face and head. What a great finisher Bunny proves she is, as she orders the whimpering, crying Susan to be her slave, and obey her commands.

    The ending is beyond total as face sitting to drive anyone witnessing it wild, and reverse breast smother which leave both Susan, and the viewer on the brink of unconsciousness prove once again that Bunny Glamazon is indeed the very best.

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    Cast & Stars: Too Much Woman - Bunny Vs. Susan

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