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Down And Dirty - Tara Vs. Carla Box Cover
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Approximate Running Time: 00:29:19
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    The sexy, Latin Carla is full of fury and she's definitely toned enough to stand up to tough Tara. No rules exist as these two fight to prove who is indeed more woman. Long lingering wrestling holds, as well as street-style fighting make this a must-see for all fans of female fighting.

    It is doubtful that any female has taken a more frightful beating than does Carla, as Tara tortures her with one painful and punishing hold after the other, after finally gaining the upper hand as the blonde fighter is just too much woman for her. Finally, securing a devastating head scissors on her beaten rival, Tara weakens her to the point of semi-consciousness and now her fun begins as she now sits on her victim's face and grinds and pumps up and down, as she gleefully takes Carla apart with her ample and sexy backside.

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    Cast & Stars: Down And Dirty - Tara Vs. Carla

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