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A Cruel Thrashing - Lisa Vs. Cathy Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:58:26
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    Awesome is the only word to describe the match between the 5” 81/2”, 148 lbs. Amazon, Lisa and the petite Cathy Savage who only stands at 5'4” and is a paltry 130 lbs.! Even though she's smaller, the tough and ready Cathy doesn't hesitate to take Lisa on! The sexy Amazon as she takes apart the eager but overmatched Cathy and before this fight is over, Cathy is ever so sorry that she challenges Lisa to a showdown. With sheer brute strength, the powerful blonde torments and wears down the smaller fighter as she continually lifts her, and spins her around like a rag doll. You'll go wild as you see Lisa apply head and neck scissors, as we see her soften Cathy up for the devastating end to the match with the most crushing body press and school boy pin. You'll delight as Lisa uses her very well developed, powerful legs to almost break Cathy in two with one of the fiercest body scissors ever witnessed. The powerful victor now mounts her defeated foe, covers her face with her legs and crotch, and puts Cathy into a state of semi-consciousness. And now the fun begins as Lisa fulfills her promise to make Cathy her slave, as she sits all over the prostrate Cathy's face.
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    Cast & Stars: A Cruel Thrashing - Lisa Vs. Cathy

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