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Anything I Want Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:31:54
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    Nude and erotic. This super video begins with torrid Nikki sitting all over Chaz's face and really doing a job on her. Believing Chaz has no fight left in her, is Nikki ever surprise, as Chaz manages to escape and comes roaring back. The struggle for supremacy is intense, and hurting each other with merciless holds, and breaking all rule the fight rages. Hot breast to breast, and crotch to crotch action, suffocating hand over mouth, and tit smothers, hair pulling, and mauling of all private parts followed by total domination after this even battle has a winner. The victor is cruel and dominant, and to make certain her victim know who is boss, she yanks her had into her crotch in order to be pleasured. Great stuff!
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    Cast & Stars: Anything I Want

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